Inspecting a Vertical Machining Center

vertical machining center cutter

vertical machining centerThere’s no question that it’s happened to all of us. You find yourself looking through various classified listings and finally come across that specific car or piece of equipment that you have been searching for. Then you find yourself asking the simple question; is this deal to good to be true?

It is important, especially when it comes to online purchases, to investigate a piece of machinery that we are considering. Luckily, there are a few ways that will help us know if the machinery is a good buy or not.

Follow these steps before buying a used vertical machining center:

The Best Steps for Vertical Machining Center Inspection

Sometimes overlooked, the first step in the Vertical Machining Center inspection process is to make sure the machine is still in good condition. This can be done by the first impression that the machine gives you.? Is it clean? Is there anything that is clearly wrong with the equipment?

After the Vertical Machining Center has passed your initial evaluation, it will be time to perform an in-depth inspection of its operational components. If you are unfamiliar with the machine’s various parts, here is a breakdown of the most important components.

VMC spindleThe Spindle

Located inside the machine’s headstock, the spindle is operated by a belt that connects from one pulley to another. Without a spindle, the Vertical Machining Center cannot perform its specific job functions. As this is likely the most important machine part, you will need to inspect this component to ensure that the machinery is operating properly.

The Cutter

The next important thing that you will need to check is the cutter.? The cutter is a specialized bar with teeth that looks similar to a saw. When the Vertical Machining Center is working properly, the cutter will move downward in a rapid motion in order to cut and shape certain materials. You’ll want to make sure the cutter itself is in good condition and that it is functioning properly.

vertical machining center cutterInspecting Vertical Machine Centers Online

Because it is difficult to physically inspect a Vertical Machining Center that is being sold online, you will have to use various outlets to ensure that you are receiving a fully operational piece of equipment. One simple way to determine if the machine is in good condition and working properly is to have the owner send you a picture or video of the machine in action.

If the owner is going to send a video of the machine, you will want to receive as many different clips of operational areas as possible. Another option is to communicate with the owner via Skype (or a similar program) so that you can have a live view of the Machining Center in action.

By doing this, you will also be able to ask any specific questions that you might have about how the machine is operating. Although it is more difficult to inspect a machine from an online sale, there are certain ways to ensure that you will be purchasing a good product.

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