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maxform press brake

Autoform press brakeAs one of the industry leaders in press brake manufacturing, Cincinnati has been creating high quality machine tools for well over 100 years.

With a variety of different choices, Cincinnati press brakes, sometime referred to as a Cincinnati brake press, are available in various options depending on your specific machine needs and its exact requirements. Whether using the Maxform series, Autoform + Series, Proform + series, large press brakes or a Baseform series press brake, each choice is more effective and efficient than all of the competition. Not stopping there, Cincinnati is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the industry.? Each individual model is manufactured to fit virtually any type of machine tool in order to provide exact precision and to meet exact job specifications.

Autoform + Series

Featuring a three sigma RAM repeatability, the Autoform series press brake is one of the most advanced of its kind.? Showcasing a touchscreen machine interface with offline control capabilities through Bend Simulation Software, there aren’t many choices in the industry that are better than this one.

Also using thickness compensation controls and optional back gauges that allow up to six axes, Cincinnati has definitely made one of the best press brakes available with the Autoform series.

Maxform Series

maxform press brakeProviding capabilities that are similar to the Autoform + Series, the Maxform series press brake offers amazing RAM and back gauge speeds. Not only that, this specific type of press brake incorporates Bolt-on RAM noses for specific tooling and exact five-axis back gauge abilities.? Adding to their unique specifications, the Maxform series is ANSI B11.3 complaint.

Baseform Series

There’s no question that one of the main reasons that Cincinnati is head and shoulders above the competition is because of their diversified product line that is not even comparable to most homemade press brakes. Continuing to impress their customers for the past 100 years, the Baseform series is ideal for all heavy duty construction equipment. Still offering some of the same features as both the Maxform series and Autoform + series, this specific style incorporates a world class offline bend operation simulator and a touchscreen machine interface while continuing to be complaint with ANSI B11.3 guidelines.

Proform + Series

proform press brakeWith a three-sigma RAM repeat level, the Proform press brake series is ideal for a variety of different machining needs.? Also including a graphical tool library with unique part views, this series of press comes with a five year parts warranty. In addition, like the other Cincinnati products, the Proform models are completely ANSI B11.3 compliant and are made to fit different back gauges of up to five axes.

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