Woodworking – Hobby to Career

professional woodworking project

working with woodIf you love working with wood, you can certainly turn this hobby into a satisfying and lucrative career. The main function of any woodworker is to create and repair crafts made from lumber.

Carpenters will be required to use hand and power tools to build, remodel and repair anything made from wood. In addition, the mind of a professional carpenter is always thinking of inventive ways to make a working environment more efficient.

They may be called upon to build scaffolding or sturdy platforms, to aid other areas of construction to run smoothly.

Cabinet makers are always in high demand, especially for their custom work. Kitchen cabinets, closets and office furniture are just a few of the types of projects that a cabinet maker can expect to be engaged in.

In addition, they may be responsible for planning (creating a blueprint), constructing, installing and repairing cabinets. Installing hinges, draw pulls and latches, also fall under a cabinet makers job description.

professional woodworking projectFinishers are the people that smooth, fill, treat and finish the piece (usually furniture) before it leaves the shop. Finishers not only work with new pieces, but also with antiques.

A quality finisher will usually take a piece apart for thorough inspection, evaluation, and conduct any repairs (including bleaching, stripping and sanding the wood, as necessary).

Other careers that revolve around wood include (but certainly not limited to): loggers, lumberjacks, wood carvers, home and/or boat builders or a Luthier (someone who builds original musical instruments).

In addition to the above mentioned careers, teaching is also a great way to earn a solid income and share your love of woodworking with a new generation.

To start your own business, it is advised to first create a unique website, and then follow up with other marketing techniques such as: trade shows, flea markets and newspaper ads. If you are honest and continue to produce quality work, your business will naturally grow.

It is important to not take on more than you can handle, and always be honest with your customers. For instance, if you estimate that an order will take two weeks to complete, clearly communicate this timeline with your potential customer.

In addition, when scheduling time to complete a project (paid order) don’t forget to factor in potential set-backs, and schedule much needed family time.

Final Word

Yes, you can make a living by turning your love of woodworking into a viable career.? The secret is to focus on your strengths and your greatest passion. For instance, if you prefer spending time carving, then that is the area you should dedicate your time and focus.

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