Tips For Selling Used Machinery Online

Maintenance and CareSo you want to sell your used machine?? It’s really not as complicated as it may seem. With the help of, the most difficult part may be getting the pictures from camera to computer.

Below is a step-by-step guide to selling any used machine.

1)? Give the machine a thorough cleaning.

It may seem like an irrelevant step but no one wants to buy a crud-encrusted (insert machine here). Though you may just want to get rid of that thing taking up floor space, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What would you want to see if you were buying this machine? Remember, humans like shiny things.

Though it may be fifty years old, make it look twenty and you’re bound to attract more attention and perhaps command a higher price.


2)? For vehicles and heavy equipment (i.e., trencher, backhoe, skid steer, etc.), gather all of the important legal and descriptive information.

Selling any vehicle or piece of heavy equipment requires transfer of title. As such, you’ll need the following:

1)? Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for vehicles and serial numbers for heavy equipment.

2)? Mileage/Hours

3)? Additional Features or Accessories – Does truck have front-mounted, battery-powered winch?? Does the backhoe have extra attachments?

4)? Are there any conditions, problems, or issues that should be mentioned?


3)? Take some pictures.

benchtop milling machineMaybe that should be, “Take A LOT of pictures.”? Don’t be afraid to get creative; you’re not wasting film.

Photograph the machine from every logical angle and configuration you can think of – all four sides, top, bottom (maybe you can leave that one out unless it’s relevant), interior, power on, power off, boom extended, dump bed raised, machine in operation, close-ups of important controls, aerial views, machine with bikini-clad model (send those to my personal? e-mail), whatever you can think of.

Even if you don’t use but one in your listing, potential buyers may want to get a closer look at what you have to sell since they can’t (in most cases) physically come and see the machine.


4)? Assemble all paperwork associated with the machine to be sold.

Go through your files and gather every piece of paper related to the machine in question:? instructions, spec sheets, warranties, repair/maintenance records, manufacturer contact information, operation records, drawings your kids did of their beloved CNC Lathe, the more the better.

This is an important step because potential buyers don’t want to have to go searching the dark corners of the interweb to find an obscure spec sheet for their newly-purchased automatic chucker. Like step number one, including all necessary paperwork makes the machine shiny and appealing.

You’re also going to need the information found on that paperwork for step six…unless you’ve got a really, really good memory.


5)? Use to list your machine for sale.

Machine logo

? ? ? ? ? ?? It’s easy. Don’t be afraid…it won’t bite.

Just point, click, and follow the on-screen instructions.


6)? Write a detailed description.

Don’t be that guy who just writes, “Riveting machine for sale,” in the description.? We know it’s a riveting machine and we know it’s for sale. As potential buyers, we need more than that. Remember that pile of paperwork you assembled that it teetering on the corner of your desk?

Put it to good use before it topples and injures your miniature schnauzer. Relevant information includes stock code, year of manufacture, manufacturer name, serial number, ranges of operation, model, size, weight, included equipment, and anything else you can think of. Again, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.

The more information you can provide, the more attractive your machine will look to potential buyers.


7)? Set your terms of sale.

??????????? Are you going to pay for freight? Is the buyer going to pay for freight? Are you going to deliver the equipment yourself? Does the buyer need to arrange for its transport? Do you ship internationally? What payment method(s) will you accept?

Will you load the machine onto the pickup vehicle? Will the machine be boxed or unboxed? Palletized or not? Information, information, information. Cover all bases in your listing and you’ll avoid headaches later.


8)? Sit back and watch the offers roll in.

That’s it!? While I’m still trying to get the pictures off my camera, you’ve finished listing your machine for sale.

There will likely be questions from potential buyers but that’s good!? It means you followed all the steps above, produced an awesome listing, and can now reap the rewards.? Happy selling!

Top 5 Advantages of Buying Used Machine Tools

used machine toolsMachine tools are a collective term for machines that perform a variety of metal work. These machines may be used to manufacture various parts and components for many different applications. They may also be used for cutting, bending, welding, engraving, washing, casting and so much more. Almost all large and successful businesses that produce products have their own machine tools in their production facility which can guarantee the quality of their products.

However, they can be very expensive, especially CNC machinery. For this very reason, and others, many businesses and individuals turn to used machine tools. Let’s examine some of the advantages to this strategy:

save money with used machines

1) Used machine tools will save you money initially since the cost is just a fraction of the price of a brand new unit. A second hand machine will ease your budget in buying quality machines for your production line, allowing you can use the money you saved for the purchase of other machinery or important business needs.

2) Used machine tools may have not been used very much. There are consumers that return products for a variety reasons including the capacity of the machine, the power consumption or the power supply of the machine. Even a simple lever or knob that is not to their liking can cause returns. Once these machines are opened up and run, they are labelled as used. This can only mean that you are fortunate enough to purchase unused used equipment for a discounted price.

3) You can be confident that a machine tool works if you purchase it used. If you purchase it through an equipment sale, you have the opportunity to ask the seller for a demonstration as compared to buying new machine tools that you may not be able to test. Even so, businesses tend to maintain their machinery very well to ensure optimal performance. Knowing that the unit works reduces errors and you can begin using the machine as soon as you get it to your factory.

4) Used equipment has the potential to last for many years since most are built with heavy duty materials and designed to last long while providing optimal performance. This is especially true if the machinery has been properly maintained. Therefore you should never overlook any type of machine tool, but be sure to question the routine maintenance and parts replacement during the unit’s life span.

Reduce Electronic Waste With Used Machinery

5) You are helping clean the environment by choosing used machines.

Everyday,?garbage?dumps are receiving tons of trash. You will be able to reduce electronic equipment dumped into landfills which in turn affects the environment. You are also extending the life of machines which may still be used for a variety of metalworking,?and other, applications.

Be sure to purchase used machine tools from reliable dealers. Take time to review the seller, first by reading reviews and forums. Compare prices of new tools vs. used ones. This is a way to determine if it is really worth purchasing a particular used unit.

Where To Find Used Machinery

There are a variety of places to find such machinery. One valuable asset is here at Machine Sales where you have the opportunity to buy used machines of all types from a variety of businesses and individual sellers.? You can easily contact the seller and ask questions. In fact, we encourage you to do so.

Another good place to shop is at a machinery auction. One such site, which specializes in CNC machinery, is It is also advised to ask the seller questions and do some research as the site is simply a platform to buy and sell equipment.

Online Machinery for Sale: Top benefits for buyers and sellers

Listing Online Machinery

Listing online machinery for sale has its benefits for both individuals and companies alike. For the first time in history, large companies and smaller entrepreneurs are on the same level when it comes to buying and selling machine tools.

Where a large investment of time and money was once required, online machine sales and purchases are easier and less expensive than ever.

Benefits of Selling Machinery Online

When companies decide to upgrade to larger or newer machines in their facility, they used to have a difficult time selling their old equipment. The process took a lot of time and required a fairly large financial investment.

The internet has opened opportunities that people have taken advantage of to provide places where companies and individuals can now sell machinery online with ease.

Now, listing used machines for sale can be done in minutes and reach out to millions of people all over the world in an instant. Even better, machines can be listed online very inexpensively.?This can save a company or individual time and money.

These machine tools may not be valuable any longer to the company selling them, but there are many companies and individuals who could benefit from them.

Benefits of Buying Machinery Online

Companies and individuals have projects that require certain types of machinery such as lifting machinery, metal working machine tools or woodworking equipment. Often times, these machines are too expensive to buy new, so where can they look to buy used machinery?

With a struggling economy, many businesses can benefit from buying used equipment or new machinery that was overstocked or overproduced. The used machines sold are often of great quality and operate as well as they would new. In fact, most industrial machinery is built to last many decades. There are even machines in operation today that were manufactured in the 1940’s or earlier.

Finding the right equipment for your needs is as easy as searching or browsing thousands of listings of new and used machinery for sale online. Sites with machinery for sale offer the ability to see the specifications and images of the machine as well as the date of manufacture and current condition.

Even more importantly, the seller’s contact information is available to allow buyers to ask questions to make the best buying decision. Buying online also allows potential buyers to compare available machinery before purchasing.

Online Machine Sales and Purchases

Buying machines online gives the buyer the benefit of shopping around and choosing the right tool for the job without even leaving their home or office. Selling machines online gives seller the similar advantages of listing equipment from their home or office. What once took weeks or even months can now be accomplished in days or even hours. What was once costly is now very cost efficient.

Need A Laser Cutting Machine That Can Handle Large Tube, Pipe & Other Metal Cutting Jobs?

Laser Cutting Machines.

Laser cutting machines are typically used to cut metal tube, pipe, bars, etc. with speed, accuracy, and minimal material waste. However, most laser cutting machinery is designed for smaller pipe and tube jobs and may be limited to the thickness of the metal and angles that can be cut. As laser cutting technology improves, so do the capabilities of the laser machine tools.

Introducing The 3D Fabri Gear Mk II Laser Pipe and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine

Recently, Mazak Optonics, an industry leader in 2D and 3D industrial laser cutting machines, released the new 3D FABRI GEAR Mk II machine designed for extensive pipe, tube, and structural cutting applications. Capable of cutting any shape of tube or pipe including: round, square, triangular, and rectangular metal parts; it can also accurately cut C-channel, I beams, H beams, angle iron, and other custom designed mild or stainless steel shapes.

The versatility and wide range of cutting capabilities that this new laser cutting machines has to offer makes it an ideal solution for a variety of different industries metal cutting needs.

The 3D Fabri Gear Mk II Laser Cutting Machine Is Available In Two Models

The 220 with a 2.5 kW resonator is capable of processing pipe and tube with diameters up to 8.6 inch. The 400 with a 4 kW resonator is capable of processing of larger pipe and tube jobs up to 16 inch diameter.

Both models operate at rapid traverse rate of 3,937 ipm.

All machines are produced in an ISO 14001 certified facility and feature a new eco-friendly resonator which reduces gas consumption by up to 50% and electricity consumption by up to 10%.

3D FABRI GEAR Mk II Automatic Pipe and Tube Cutting Machine Capabilities

The new laser cutting system will automatically begin cutting 3D shapes, angles, and more to the user