KBC Tools and Machinery Inc. – Their Place In The Machine Tool Industry

KBC Tools and MachineryKBC Tools and Machinery, Inc. was founded by Karel Bass back in 1965 with the original company name being “Kabaco Tools”.? The wholesale distribution company is still headquartered in Sterling Heights, Michigan and their original motto “We Will Not Be Undersold” is still the guiding principle of this discount seller of machine tools to the metalworking industry.

During the decde of the 80’s Karel found new opportunities to help the company grow and bought a supplier’s business located outside of Sand Fransciso. This drove the opening of the first branch of KBC and from there on John Earles VP and Karel Bass figured out how to duplicate the business in other places. When it became clear there would be free trade between Canada and the US in the late 80’s they opened their first Canadian branch.

KBC today remains committed to their original goals of outstanding customer service, top quality tools and competitive pricing.? The company has many long term clients that the staff recognizes by voice when they call. The personalized service and relationships developed with customers’ remains a hallmark of KBC Tools and Machinery Inc.? In 2010 they celebrated 45 years in business.

Where KBC Began

KBC Milling machine

Originally started as a catalog company, KBC is still a catalog driven company. They work with many different manufacturers and carry an extensive range of products including over 100,000 sku’s of MRO supplies.? Their catalog encompasses over 1,000 pages and features name brands customers have trusted for decades including Niagara, Kurt, Titex, Bison, Toolmex, Kennedy, Waterloo, Black & Decker, Makita, PDT, Starrett and Mitutoyo among many others.

KBC works with a broad range of industry market sectors including agriculture, construction, consumer products, culture, environment, fisheries, forestry, Information technology and communications, manufacturing, chemicals, medical and biotechnology, mining, petroleum and gas, service industries, tourism, transportation, wholesale/retail, aerospace, defense, automotive, food & beverage, furniture and wood products, pulp & paper, plastics & rubber, primary and fabricated metal. Electrical equipment and textiles & clothing.

Cutting Machinery

Their range of cutting tools includes bandsaw blades, boring bars, broaches, burrs, carbide drills, carbide endmills, center drills, counterbores, countersinks, high speed endmills, high spped steel drills, hole cutters, milling cutters, reamers, roughing endmills, saws, spade drills, tapping heads, taps and dies, toolbits.

Carbide tooling includes boring bars, carbide inserts, countersinks, cut-off and Grooving, drills, end mills, face mills, threading and toolholders.

Their machine tool lines feature a full range of horizontal and vertical bandsaws, centerless grinders, Cut-off saws, circular saws, cylindrical grinders, drill presses, dust collectors, ironworkers, CNC Lathes, manual lathes, manual lathes with DRO, CNC milling machines, manual milling machines, manual milling machines with DRO, manual and automatic surface grinders, sheet metal machines, and sanders.

Other Equipment They Offer

KBC Horizontal bandsawIn addition to machine tools they also offer a large selection of abrasives, fluids, measuring and inspection machinery, hand tools, power and air driven tools, tool room accessories and work-holding accessories.

In order to view the pricing of KBC tools and accessories you must shop online and place your products in the cart before you can see the price. This is irritating when you are trying to compare multiple machines for both pricing and features.? If you do not want to place every item you are interested in into the cart to see prices you can download the master catalog as well as their sales flyer direct from the website. This saves a lot of time and hassle.

There is an option to register and create an account on line and take advantage of their tool crib. This feature allows a user to create a list of frequently used tooling so that one need not search for the same tools every time you visit the website. It also provides for faster checkout and notification of special sales promotions including limited quantity closeouts, overstock blowouts, special buys and more.

ISO Certification

Quality is a key principle for KBC Tools and Machinery, Inc. They hold a 9001 ISO certification and they provide their customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In 2010 they unveiled a new 100% satisfaction guaranteed logo. If a customer is not 100% satisfied with their purchase for any reason the customer can return the unused item or items within 30 days along with the receipt to receive a replacement, exchange, full credit or refund.? This is an unusually generous guarantee for a machine tool supplier but it has been their policy since the company started.

KBC president Paula Bass had the following to say about the new promotional effort stressing their quality guarantee: “We’ve always stood behind our products and we’ve aimed to delight our clients every time out. 100% KBC satisfaction guaranteed is our way of reminding customers that we are not satisfied until they’re satisfied.”? When a customer returns an item KBC ensures a quick and painless process. Normally a customer can expect a full credit or refund within 24 hours of KBC receiving the returned item.

KBC can offer this guarantee because they are in a unique position to support it with a product return system that runs extremely smoothly.? When a product is returned KBC inspects it and examines the same product on the shelves at all branches to ensure it meets the company’s strict and demanding quality standards. This can be done because KBC has very few returns. It actually boasts one of the lowest return rates in the industry.

Another important feature of the KBC website are the links to manufacturer websites where you can view details of the manufacturer, their company and their products apart from KBC information.? They provide links to all of their suppliers.

KBC Tools and Machinery, Inc. has three US branches in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Detroit and well as a machinery division in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Cincinnati Press Brakes – Industry Leaders

Autoform press brakeAs one of the industry leaders in press brake manufacturing, Cincinnati has been creating high quality machine tools for well over 100 years.

With a variety of different choices, Cincinnati press brakes, sometime referred to as a Cincinnati brake press, are available in various options depending on your specific machine needs and its exact requirements. Whether using the Maxform series, Autoform + Series, Proform + series, large press brakes or a Baseform series press brake, each choice is more effective and efficient than all of the competition. Not stopping there, Cincinnati is one of the most trusted and respected brands in the industry.? Each individual model is manufactured to fit virtually any type of machine tool in order to provide exact precision and to meet exact job specifications.

Autoform + Series

Featuring a three sigma RAM repeatability, the Autoform series press brake is one of the most advanced of its kind.? Showcasing a touchscreen machine interface with offline control capabilities through Bend Simulation Software, there aren’t many choices in the industry that are better than this one.

Also using thickness compensation controls and optional back gauges that allow up to six axes, Cincinnati has definitely made one of the best press brakes available with the Autoform series.

Maxform Series

maxform press brakeProviding capabilities that are similar to the Autoform + Series, the Maxform series press brake offers amazing RAM and back gauge speeds. Not only that, this specific type of press brake incorporates Bolt-on RAM noses for specific tooling and exact five-axis back gauge abilities.? Adding to their unique specifications, the Maxform series is ANSI B11.3 complaint.

Baseform Series

There’s no question that one of the main reasons that Cincinnati is head and shoulders above the competition is because of their diversified product line that is not even comparable to most homemade press brakes. Continuing to impress their customers for the past 100 years, the Baseform series is ideal for all heavy duty construction equipment. Still offering some of the same features as both the Maxform series and Autoform + series, this specific style incorporates a world class offline bend operation simulator and a touchscreen machine interface while continuing to be complaint with ANSI B11.3 guidelines.

Proform + Series

proform press brakeWith a three-sigma RAM repeat level, the Proform press brake series is ideal for a variety of different machining needs.? Also including a graphical tool library with unique part views, this series of press comes with a five year parts warranty. In addition, like the other Cincinnati products, the Proform models are completely ANSI B11.3 compliant and are made to fit different back gauges of up to five axes.

The New Age Technology of Vertical Machining Centers

Mazak vertical machining center The visionary Mazak Corporation has invited more than 2,000 different industry experts to the North American Technology Center, allowing them to take part in their Discover 2013 spectacle.? The much anticipated event will provide each tech professional with various trade discussions and business related metalwork demos that promote a large assortment of innovative Mazak machinery.? Considered to be the biggest machine based seminar in the business, this event will totally amaze its participants.

Mazak Has Outdone Themselves

Commonly known to entertain a variety of industry meetings, the president of Mazak, Brian Papke, has been noted as stating that this years’ event will offer an elevated adventure for visitors. In fact, Papke is quoted as saying that, “It’s no longer practical to just have an open house. The time of people is so much more valuable that, in order to have an event like this, it has to be technology drive”.

Realizing that a vast majority of other businesses are not on their same operating level, the president of Mazak has even gone as far as saying that his company is “representing what manufacturing will be”.

While this might come off a little arrogant at first, it is the truth. Aggressively sustaining their investment in assembly technology, Mazak has quickly become a top industry producer in machinery creations that offer top of the line, dependable merchandise.? Held in their beautiful Florence venue that manufactures over 100 different prototypes of vertical machining centers, turning centers and multi-tasking machines, Mazak is definitely an industry leader is machine technology.

New Equipment Includes Vertical Machining Centers

With 37 newly created machines available for demonstration during the Discover 2013 event, there are a total of 5 products that have already been invented for specific customers.? Additionally, out of the 37 machines, each one of them has at least one new specific characteristic while other models have been completely reinvented.

Some of the new models have been exclusively re-calibrated with advanced specifications and accessories that can manufacture at an incredibly high production rate.

Not stopping there, Mazak has also developed 11 new machine tools that have been specifically designed to assist in their Florence expansion. They also produced 7 more prototypes to help with individual parts of the creation process. Teaming up with some of their VIP helpers, Mazak wants to go further than exhibiting their different machine models.

The company president has said that “It adds another dimension of technology to some of the things we do.? We are in the final stages of putting this show together and the technology is incredible”.

Realistically, the Discover 2013 event is the perfect way for Mazak to promote and create an industry buzz in regard to their new line of vertical machining centers and other machinery.

Wirtgen Milling Machines Impress Ronyak Paving

Maintaining roads is never an easy task. Work has to be done as fast as possible to allow motorists proper access to the roads or highways. While speed is a factor, it has to be completed with great accuracy in order for the roadway to maintain its integrity. This is why paving contractors should invest in the best equipment to deliver fast and efficient performance.

Ronyak Paving, a family owned company, is one paving contractor with a reputation for properly maintaining roads. As such, they do require efficient machine tools which they can rely on to complete tasks. One milling machine manufacturer that has really impressed them is Wirtgen. Wirtgen machines have a reputation for cold milling substantiated by reputable millers around the globe.

Wirtgen Milling Machines

?What Exactly is Cold Milling?

This process may sound simple, but it follows a complicated pattern. The process starts by removing asphalt or concrete surfaces to build another level of pavement that is more refined. If it will just be removed to be replaced by another pavement layer, what is the use of removing it? Why not just put another layer on top of it?

Simply put, the pavement will just deteriorate after a period of time when it is not completely renewed. Chances are, those bumps and holes will just come out after a year or so and bring out the same problems that existed prior to having rehabilitated the road. This process requires the use of efficient heavy equipment and Wirtgen milling machines have been found by Ronyak Paving to be the most efficient do the work.

Ronyak Paving’s Milling Machine Decision

The paving company’s president, Sean Petersen, says that after seeing the milling machine in action, the decision was easy. In fact, he reported that the Wirtgen equipment was at least 30% more productive than machinery from other manufacturers they had used.

The company added a W210i milling machine to their operation as well as the W/W 150i cold miller which offers a compact designer with plenty of power to outperform larger machines. They are capable of large surface milling, removing layers of pavement, and leveling. They are capable of cutting up to 12 in into the pavement in a single pass. These milling machines are also used by other companies simply because the equipment is built to be durable and offer impressive power to perform heavy tasks on the road. The cost of investment seems to be justified by the machines overall performance.

Ditching Machines: The History Of The Ditch Witch

The Ditch Witch
The Ditch Witch was created to simplify the installation of underground, residential utilities.

The Beginning Of Ditch Witch

An American brand of ditching machine, Ditch Witch, is based in Perry, Oklahoma. Ditch Witch is known for offering well designed underground construction equipment. The company has been around since 1949 although the first machine was introduced by company founder, Ed Malzahn, in the earlier 1940’s. It was a trenching machine that was created to replace the laborious pick-axe and shovel for digging pipe trenches.

Ed Malzahn, the founder of Ditch Witch, was the son of Fredrick Malzahn who migrated from Germany. In 1902, Fredrick and his family moved to Perry, Oklahoma to get away from Minnesota’s harsh winters where he opened a blacksmith shop. An oil boom allowed the shop to prosper which later became a machine shop specializing in oil field repairs.

The First Ditching Machine

Ed had learned much from his father including how a business can adapt to meet changing demands. He began applying his mechanical engineering degree to design a machine meant to simplify the installation of underground residential utilities in the mid 1940’s. Ed and his father created the prototype of the very first compact trencher in the family machine shop. This ditching machine took several months to create and became known as the DWP, or Ditch Witch Power.

Made commercially available in 1949, the DWP was the first compact mechanical trencher used to lay water lines underground. It marked a point in history where a long-time problem that plagued utility contractors had finally been solved.

The Ditch Witch Company Was Born

The quickly growing popularity of the DWP trencher caused the family machine shop, known then as Charlie’s Machine shop, was transformed into Charlie’s Machine Works Inc. This shop became the headquarters for the current company, which remains unmoved from its original home in Perry, Oklahoma.

Trenchers were just the beginning of what this company had to offer. They quickly diversified their product line to offer various digging and underground construction machinery including earth drills, excavating machines, skid steers and more. All machines, to this date, bear the Ditch Witch name.

Ditch Witch Today

The DWP compact trencher was named one of the 100 best American made products in the world twice by Fortune Magazine. In 2002, the Society of Mechanical Engineers designated the Ditch Witch Power machine as a mechanical engineering historical landmark.

Most commonly known as Ditch Witch, the company operates under the name, The Charles Machine Works, Inc. Ed Malzahn is still the president and chairman if the board and his granddaughter, Tiffany Sewell-Howard, serves as the CEO, a position she has held since 2005.

The firm’s manufacturing plant has expanded to cover 30 acres and includes research, testing, training, and production facilities. They currently have grown to offer ditching machines worldwide and employ more and 1,300 people at their headquarters alone.

KOMATSU Introduces Environmentally Friendly Construction Equipment

Environmentally Friendly Construction Equipment

Heavy Machinery used in construction is constantly evolving. Along with the changes and improvements being made to construction equipment, we are seeing more powerful equipment, machines with more versatility, more features, and improved efficiency.

Komatsu America Corp., an industry leader, recently developed a new loader, known as the WA320-7 wheel loader, which offers many improvements including lower operating costs, lower emissions, and decreased fuel consumption among other things.

For the first time in construction machinery history, we are seeing improvements, which are aiming towards being more environmentally friendly or “Green”.

New Features Introduced With The WA320-7 Construction Loader

KOMTRAX? technology– Comes standard with the WA320-7 loader. This Tier 4 technology from Komatsu sends machine operation information such as location, fuel consumption, operating hours, and maintenance alerts wirelessly to a secure website.

Komtrax? is a registered trademark of Komatsu, Ltd.

Enhanced Machine Cab Environment– The cab is designed to be more comfortable and less noisy which allows for increased operator concentration for maximized productivity.

–?????? The dashboard has been redesigned and the front window lowered for increased visibility.

–?????? An operator console is mounted on the right side of the seat and equipped with a multi-function mono-lever with proportional control for the integrated 3rd spool.

–?????? An auxiliary input and two 12-volt ports have been added. The auxiliary input can be used to connect an MP3 player or other compatible device.

–?????? An LCD monitor that measures 7” offers a high-resolution display in 25 different languages for global support. It allows the operator to easily adjust settings, check operation records, monitor maintenance information, and view operation records.

–?????? Built-in back up camera provides a high resolution is always viewable from a separate monitor, which is mounted on the right side of the dashboard.

Improved Drivetrain Features – The Komatsu hydrostatic (HST) 3rd generation drive train is electronically controlled and offers new features including:

–?????? Pump capacity has been increased providing improved efficiency and responsiveness.

–?????? Self-braking feature slows down the machine whenever the accelerator is released which greatly reduces break wear.

–?????? Simplified traction controls manage machine operation on slippery and softer ground with 3 settings: MAX, AUTO, and S-Mode.


The Komatsu WA320-7 Wheel Loader Tier 4 Interim Engine Technology

–?????? Powered by the Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine together offering 165 HP which is EPA Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage 3B emission certified.

–?????? Built on a Tier 3 engine platform designed by Komatsu to increase fuel efficiency by up to 10% as compared to previous models.

–?????? Replaces both previous loader models: WA320PZ-6 and WA320-6

–?????? Komatsu, being a hydraulic technology leader, developed a Komatsu Variable Geometry Turbocharger (KVGT), which is hydraulically actuated and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve, resulting in improved precision and management of air including longer component life.

–?????? The integrated design of the Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) is designed to not interfere with normal operation but makes the machines status available to the operator at all times.

–?????? Machine Weight: 33,731 lbs / 15,300 kg.


This new model of wheel loader not only offers lower fuel consumption, improved efficiency, and improved maintenance systems which aim to lower operating costs while maximizing productivity. Environmentally friendly construction equipment also aims to improve operator comfort and system controls, which always important when on the job all day.

The 2013 Toshiba Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine – Ascension Industries

Horizontal Milling and Boring Machines – Ascension Industries

Ascension Industries offers high quality turnkey manufacturing, machining and fabrication services with an array of top-of-the-line machine tools including two overhead 50-ton cranes.

In order to meet the needs of customers in the aerospace, metal-working, defense, automotive, turbo compressor, process equipment and automation industries, it’s important to have top notch machining centers and other machine tools.

For this reason, Ascension Industries recently decided to add the new Toshiba BF-130B horizontal milling and boring machine to their arsenal and replace the current Union machines throughout their facility.

More About Ascension Industries

Based in New York, Ascension Industries was founded in 1956. The provide high quality tooling, machining, automation systems and similar manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers and other precision metalworking capable users.
Over the years they have prospered and expanded to offer their services to users of machinery and fabrication equipment as well as OEM customers.

They currently operate in a 170,000 square foot manufacturing area fully equipped with dual overhead cranes making nothing too big or too small to be manufactured here. They offer additional services as well including filtration and separation, electrical, grinding, machining, and more.

The company’s goal is to work with clients and provide full support from their initial idea all the way to the final installation by providing immediate complementary technical assistance, supplying of all materials, tooling, machining, fabrication, assembly, inspection and testing to the user’s specifications.
Ascension Industries not only provides a variety of extremely valuable services, they are also manufacturers of their very own equipment lines. They are the sole manufacturer of genuine FSD, Durco/Duriron, AquaCare, and Enzinger brand equipment and replacement parts.

Toshiba BF-130B Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine Specs

? Maximum Travel: X Axis – 236” / Y Axis – 118”
? Maximum Travel Speed: Rapid positioning of X & Y Axis of up to 393” per minute
? Maximum Machining Speed: 160” pre minute
? Automatic Tool Changer: Holds up to 60 tools
? Computerized Numerical Controls: TOSNUC 999 CNC system including extensive

There are several new features included in this newest model of milling and boring machine from Toshiba that will not only enhance productivity, but also allow the company to handle jobs too big for their other machines to handle.
New Features:
? Increased spindle feed rate and speed
? Quill type spindle provides easy work piece access
Possibly the most amazing new feature is the ability to put a signal point tool in the spindle and actually create a 118″ diameter bore or turn grooves like you would on a lathe. For Ascension Industries, this is the single most important new feature of the new Milling and Boring Machine.
The combination of Ascension Industries more than 50 years of machining, production, and fabrication expertise in conjunction with their new Toshiba BF-130B Horizontal Milling and Boring Machines makes a truly unbeatable pair in the manufacturing industry.