Hot Foil Stamping Machines Are Used in the US and Abroad

Hot foil stamping machines are indispensable in a variety of industries both in the United States and abroad. The need for reliable and versatile presses and stamping machines is undeniably the first thing that many companies need to deal with in order to be productive.

These features are exactly what precision industries are looking for and this is also what BOBST has to offer. hot foil stamping machine Hot foil stamping, folding, gluing and die cutting is the heart of every Laser AG premium packaging printer. This industrial-sized printer uses the latest BOBST technology which means quality in hot foil stamping, precision in folding and gluing and the most efficient in die-cutting. These machines are expected to boost the productivity of any industry.

How Hot Foil Stamping Machines Increase Productivity

Laser AG printers are considered one of the best quality industrial printers that have a variety of capabilities. In hot foil stamping for instance, which is needed in a variety of industries locally and abroad, Laser AG has three BOBST machines.

A VISIONFOIL 104 hot-foil stamping machine, a MASTERFOLD folder-gluer and an EXPERTCUT 106 per flat-bed die cutter. These machines are the ultimate all-in-one solution for hot foil stamping along with die-cutting and stripping.

They can save business owners hundreds of dollars over buying three individual machines. This has a stamping format of up to 1,010 x 702 mm while the VISIONFOIL 104 has a 70/100 format throughout.

This machine is expected to be the heart of the production line for a variety of industries. These include the manufacture of cosmetics, food stuffs, chocolate, champagne, car parts and many more. It is efficient too with an output of 5,000 sheets in an hour in full format with eight foil webs.

Hot Foil Stamping Functions

Along with the mentioned uses of this printer, a die-cutter and folder-gluer increases its flexibility even more. The MASTERFOLD has an accessory called SPEEDWAVE GT device that can boost the machine’s work by working a folder-gluer. This is an ideal accessory that is handy in folding and gluing lock-bottom boxes at maximum speed.

Even boxes with unusual openings and irregular shapes will work with this accessory. Approximately 3,000 different types of boxes can be folded and glued. This includes cardboard boxes, solid board boxes, corrugated board and even plastic boxes.

Folding, gluing and die-cutting machines offer increased versatility in most industrial applications. Since this machine offers a wealth of possibilities it has been chosen by more and more local and international companies.

This is a change from obtaining separate machines to work on each function. It does not just improve production, but can also save space and reduce the need to hire more employees or operators as well as reduce maintenance costs. These are truly indispensable machines that will serve a multitude of purposes for years to come.

New Lighting Technology Uses LED LIghts

Light Tower From Larson Electronics

All jobs sites require certain types of reliable machinery to get the job done right; one piece of equipment that should not be overlooked is an efficient light tower. The right lighting machine tools can ensure that all areas of the job site, whether inside or outside, are well lit. Proper lighting will greatly reduce the risk of errors and accidents. Like most industrial machines, advancements in lighting technology have provided better options for more efficient industrial operation.

Larson Electronics, a leader in portable lighting systems, recently introduced 2 new light towers…

New?Light Towers From Larson Electronics

The PLM-18-2X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower combines the power of LED lights with pneumatic lifting power to provide effective lighting coverage of large and small work areas.

PLM-18-3X1000W Pneumatic Light Tower offers 330,000 lumens of lighting, which provides an extensive range of illumination.

PLM-18-2X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower Features

The light tower is powered by dual 150 watt LED lights contained within each of the two light fixtures providing 29,850 lumens of light each.

The lamps are assembled from extruded aluminum and polycarbonate lenses which, together, provide a waterproof and weather proof structure within which the CREE LED lights are contained. The lamps are attached to the mast using a secure, but removable bracket allowing for easy removal of the entire lamp structure along with easy disassembly and relocation of the entire lighting structure.

The tower stands 8’ tall and is capable of extending up to 18’ tall pneumatically by controlling the air pressure from the attached air compressor that is also included with this light tower.

It also includes a 12” square mounting plate that is ?” thick designed to be used to mount the lighting system to a trailer.

PLM-18-3X1000W Pneumatic Light Tower Features

This tower consists of three circular metal 3,000 watt halide lamps housed within 16” aluminum and covered by heat treated glass lenses which provide 330,000 lumens of lighting power capable of illuminating more than 3 acres.

Each lamp can be adjusted independently, giving the operator complete control over which areas are illuminated. The fully assembled lamp structure is mounted to the top of the tower using a 24” long plate, which can be removed for easy transportation to a new location.

The height of this tower is also adjustable using air pressure which can be regulated using the included 1/3 HP air compressor. It can be adjusted from 8’ to as tall as 18’ and can be mounted to a trailer as well.

About?Lighting Machinery From Larson Electronics

Both light towers offer superior illumination, portability, and offer many customization options. The pneumatic adjustment feature is a great feature and alternative to the old-fashioned cranking adjustment feature standard on older towers.

Larson Electronics can build entire light plants, but find that most clients use individual light towers such as these because of their illumination power and ease of use. There is no doubt that these systems have what it takes to light up any work area with ease.