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          1. buy & sell, new & used machinery, machine tools & equipment

            Why should I advertise with MachineSales.com?

            Because it works!

            MachineSales.com is the easiest and most cost effective form of advertising in your industry! Our site is promoted directly to industry users unlike any other, meaning more potential buyers will see your machine.
            How much does it cost to sell my machines on MachineSales.com?

            An Individual Machine costs $15 Total.

            Seller membership costs are determined by the amount of machines you want to place and start from as low as $20 per month for a maximum of 20 machines, and $200 per month for unlimited machine listings.
            What are the Advantages of your Seller Memberships over other online marketplaces?
            • Specialize in American Sellers
            • Set monthly fee according to your membership level
            • No Commissions / No Fees on sales
            • Dealer Profile / Website
            • Company News
            • Increases your companies own website traffic and search engine ranking
            Please download our media kit for more information: Media Kit
            Does MachineSales.com charge any commissions or sellers fees?

            Absolutely Not!

            Sellers are charged either a once off listing fee for individual machines or a dealer membership fee, there are no other fees or charges. Our goal is to keep your advertising costs as low as possible, so MachineSales.com remains the most cost effective way to sell machinery anywhere in America.
            Are there any cancellation fees on Dealer Memberships?

            Absolutely Not!

            All dealer members can cancel at any stage at no cost. Please note: there is no refund for any time remaining on your membership accounts.
            How do I cancel my account?
            Simply login to your account section, click settings and cancel my account. You will receive an email notifying you that your account has been cancelled.
            How can payment of listing and seller membership fees be made?

            Payment can be made via Credit Card or Direct Debit using our RBS or Paypal secure payment services.
            Are dealer membership fees automatically taken out of my account?

            Monthly seller memberships fees are automatically debited from your chosen account. 12 month accounts require manual payment to renew the account prior to the account expiry date.
            What Category or Sub Category do I select if there is no current category correctly labels my machine?

            If you can’t find a sub category that matches your item however it fits into a category, select other as the sub category. Eg: Material Handling & Lifting (other)

            If you can’t find a category that matches your item select miscellaneous.
            If you believe there should be a category or subcategory for this item included, simply contact us and can look at adding that category and/or sub category to our list.
            Will items listed in ‘Other’ or ‘Miscellaneous’ still be seen by buyers?

            Yes, many buyers browse listings through the different industries rather than searching for specific items, also buyers often search by keyword, hence if your item matches this keyword then your item will appear in the search results.
            Banner Ads
            What are banner Ads and how do I purchase them?

            Banner Ads are advertisements located on various places within pages on the MachineSales.com. Banner Ads are used to increase companies exposure and are linked directly to the company’s website or dealer profile. Contact us for more information on Banner Ads and for purchasing options.
            How do you know who made the referral?

            When a new dealer registers on MachineSales.com they need to advise how they heard about the site. If they select Referral, then a text box appears and the new dealer needs to write the referrers email in the box. Only one referrer email can be entered.
            Can I setup an account if I’m not selling machinery?

            Yes, anyone can become a member and setup an account. It’s free and easy and enables buyers to ad items to a watch list.
            Who founded Machine Sales?

            Paul Rogash founded Machine Sales in 2012. With a business model based on many other successful e-commerce sites, Paul Rogash saw a need for a new online marketplace for buying and selling machinery and equipment.
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