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            Italpresse "Formatic/209-P" Press for Veneering Raised Panels - $RFQ

            Item Number: #00000890
            Italpresse &quot;Formatic/209-P&quot; Press for Veneering Raised Panels

            Italpresse "Formatic/209-P" Press for Veneering Raised Panels
            Price: $RFQ

            Hot / Single / Multiple / Membrane Presses

            Manufacturer:  Italpresse
            Model:  Formatic-209/P
            Condition: New
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            The FORMATIC fluid membrane press is designed to 3-D laminate wood veneers to raised panel inserts used in fabrication of cabinet and passage doors. This machine can laminate on average 500 to 600 inserts in an 8-hour work shift. It uses a synthetic thermal fluid behind the membrane to provide superior heat transfer to the glue line and safely produces 50% more laminating pressure than the typical compressed air membrane press delivering beautiful results with superior profile definition.

            See the FORMATIC in action at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJERPVDwaSo

            Platen dimensions: 2,000 x 900 mm (78.7" x 35.5")
            Maximum useful lamination area (approximate): 1,910 x 810 mm (75" x 32")
            Loading side: 2,000 mm (78.7")
            Total daylight opening of press: 325 mm (12.79")
            Number of press cylinders: 3
            Diameter of press cylinders: 150 mm (5.9")
            Total thrust : 162 metric tons (178 US tons)
            Maximum specific pressure: 9 kg/cm2 (128 psi)
            Maximum platen temperature: 120° C (248° F)
            Electrical boiler power: 27 kw
            Hydraulic power unit: 4 kw (5.3 hp)
            Voltage: 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle

            Standard Features:

            Fatigue and distortion resistant weld free steel plate ring frames.
            Torsion free mechanical assembly of press structure.
            Movement cylinders separate from main press cylinders for high speed opening and closing of the press.
            Up-stroke movement of bottom platen containing liquid/membrane package.
            Rack and pinion group with torsion rods to assure parallel movement of platen.
            Solid steel heating platens drilled for circulation of thermal oil.
            Thermal oil boiler heated by electrical resistance elements.
            Lower platen covered by natural rubber membrane with synthetic thermal fluid contained between the membrane and heated platen. The quantity of fluid can be varied by the operator according to the volume of panels loaded into the press.
            Upper platen is covered with spring tensioned - glue resistant 250-micron mylar film
            Electronic adjustment of the pressure build-up speed.
            Independent digital control of upper and lower heating platen temperatures
            Digital control of the hydraulic pressure.
            Digital timer to control "degassing" cycle for veneer lamination.
            Digital timer to control automatic press opening upon cycle completion.
            Color touch screen interface for digitally setting, monitoring, and controlling cycle time, platen temperatures, and laminating pressure.
            Two safety interlocked push-button controls to close the press and initiate the press cycle.
            Safety rope with e-stop switch on loading side, metal screens on remaining sides.
            UL approved electrical components.

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            This machine is listed for sale by Italpresse USA, Inc. located in Punta Gorda, Florida

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            Italpresse USA, Inc.
              26520 Mallard Way
            Punta Gorda
            FL 33950
            United States
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